Polarean Imaging plc

M2M ImagingPolarean Imaging plc (AIM: POLX) is a drug-device combination company operating in the high resolution medical imaging market. The Company’s technology enables the visualisation of hyperpolarised 129Xenon via magnetic resonance imaging technology. The key element of the Group's technology is hyperpolarised Xenon, and the Company sells the 129Xe gas, the instrument to polarise the gas, and an auxiliary device that provides quality assurance for each dose of 129Xe generated.

In August 2018, the first patient was enrolled in Polarean’s Phase III FDA clinical trial which aims to demonstrate non-inferiority of the Company's drug-device combination, using hyperpolarised 129-Xenon (129Xe) gas MRI, against an approved comparator. The trial is a 'head-to-head' non-inferiority trial testing 129Xe MRI against 133-Xenon (133Xe) scintigraphy. In the trial the Company will be evaluating two patient populations - candidate patients for lung lobe resection, and lung transplant procedures - 80 patients in total. The Phase III trial is taking place at two US sites: Duke University and the University of Virginia.

M2M Imaging


C. Richard Hullihen - Chief Executive Officer
Bastiaan Driehuys - Founder and Chief Scientific Officer
Kenneth West - Chief Operating Officer
William Patrick - Controller

Board of Directors

Richard C.E. Morgan - (Chairman) Chief Executive Officer, Amphion Innovations
Jonathan Allis - CoFounder and Chief Executive Officer, Blue Earth Diagnostics
Robert J. Bertoldi - President and Chief Financial Officer, Amphion Innovations
Bastiaan Driehuys - Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Polarean Imaging Limited
C. Richard Hullihen - Chief Executive Officer, Polarean Imaging Limited
Juergen Laucht - Managing Director, Nukem Isoptopes
Kenneth West - Chief Operating Officer, Polarean Imaging Limited



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