MSA Holding B.S.C.

MSAMSA Holding B.S.C. (“MSA”) is a Bahrain-based investment company formed in 2007 by Amphion and its Kuwaiti partners. MSA enables far-sighted global investors and institutions to participate in the next stage of the Gulf’s technological and life sciences development by investing in local companies with a local focus, while attracting and developing the best young Arab and Western entrepreneurial talent.

The past several years have seen dramatic economic growth and development in the Gulf, which has been matched by rapid growth in the region’s capital markets. Gross domestic product in the Gulf Cooperation Council (“GCC”) has grown 75% over the past three years, making the GCC the 16th largest economy in the world, and the fastest growing after China and India. The first phase of this growth has been biased towards finance, construction, oil and gas services, and similar infrastructure-oriented industries. The predominant focus on these sectors has meant that while the region has fairly welldeveloped capital markets, the growth and influx of capital have created an investment climate of massive liquidity, chasing too few quality local deals. It has become a major public policy objective across the GCC states to diversify local economies into high technology and lifescience-focused industries. Amphion and its local partners will bring this opportunity to investors by combining local capital, connections, and resources with Amphion’s proven company building expertise in key industry sectors.



Robert J. Bertoldi – President and Chief Financial Officer, Amphion Innovations plc, with senior responsibility for MSA
Faisal H. Al-Refaei, M.D. – Chief Executive Officer, Saydanah


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