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FireStar SoftwareFireStar Software, Inc. is leading the way in bringing innovative informatics solutions to the new, rapidly growing digital health economy. Its EdgeNode® Digital Health Solutions Platform brings a revolutionary architecture and capabilities, protected by six granted patents and more pending, that is ideal for addressing the unique issues faced by innovative healthcare informatics solutions in what McKinsey calls the Third Wave of Information Innovation in health. This platform gives FireStar a unique advantage in addressing the large and fast-growing digital health economy as the world looks to informatics as the basis of more effective and efficient solutions in two key areas: bringing new drugs to market, and healthcare delivery.  

TrialClarity® is FireStar’s first product for the huge and growing Digital Health Economy. It is aimed at greater efficiency and effectiveness in bringing desperately needed new drugs and medical devices to market. TrialClarity is the first informatics product designed especially for the special needs of the growing use of outsourced clinical trials. TrialClarity builds upon EdgeNode's patented messaging capability to allow the clinical trial management team to monitor the huge amount of diverse data flows generated in clinical trials and facilitate early and decisive intervention if key performance indicators are drifting off track. At present, information systems are designed to collect and analyze the clinical data needed for the FDA New Drug Application (NDA) from the many different sources in many different locations. As a result, the clinical trial management team is usually only aware there may be a problem after a considerable delay, if at all, while the trial is ongoing. TrialClarity automates the monitoring of all the oversight management data and activities of the trial and puts control back into the trial management team’s hands, with little imposition on the CRO’s existing clinical data processing systems.

Beyond the large and growing clinical trials market, the Company will leverage the EdgeNode Digital Health Solutions Platform into digital healthcare delivery as a future growth opportunity. It has plans for CareClarity® a software product that leverages the same EdgeNode platform to implement the Coordinated Care model of healthcare delivery, bringing together Payors, Providers, and Patients through revolutionary informatics solutions that enable greater efficiency and effectiveness. 



Chris Sanders - Chief Executive Officer

Board of Directors

Richard C.E. Morgan - (Chairman) Chief Executive Officer, Amphion Innovations
Robert Anthonyson - Partner, Layne & Barton LLC



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