AXCESS International, Inc.

AxcessAxcess International, Inc. (OTCBB: AXSI) provides Micro-WirelessTM system solutions for real-time business activity monitoring and control. The company continues to discuss litigation strategies and financing opportunities with several legal and litigation financing firms.  Axcess has a rich portfolio of over a dozen patents in Micro-Wireless systems solutions for real time business activity monitoring and control.  It is clear that many companies are now offering products or services that incorporate some of the basic wireless technology developed by Axcess over the last 15 years and a number of companies in the transportation, security, and other sectors appear to be infringing one or more of Axcess’s patents. A lot of work has been done on the patent portfolio by us and our legal experts.  This work has confirmed that we should be able to get companies using the technology to sign up for equitable licensing agreements.



Allan Griebenow - President and Chief Executive Officer

Board of Directors

Richard C.E. Morgan - (Chairman) Chief Executive Officer, Amphion Innovations
Robert J. Bertoldi - President and Chief Financial Officer, Amphion Innovations
Paul J. Coleman, Jr. - President and Chief Executive Officer, The Girvan Institute of Technology
Allan Griebenow - President and Chief Executive Officer, Axcess International, Inc.
Robert F. Hussey - Director, Digital Lightwave, Inc.



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