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Convertible Promissory Note and Macaleer Promissory Note Terms Extended

London and New York, 5 January 2016 - Amphion Innovations plc (LSE: AMP) (“Amphion” or the “Company”), the developer of medical and technology businesses, announces that a meeting of the holders of the Company’s Unsecured Convertible Promissory Notes 2008-2015 (“Notes”, and the “Note Holders”) was held on 30 December 2015. A quorum of the Note Holders was present in person or by proxy at the meeting. After due consideration, it was resolved by a large majority of the Note Holders that the terms of the Notes be amended such that the due date for settlement be 28 February 2016 rather than 31 December 2015. Discussions with the Note Holders about a longer-term resolution are expected to be concluded by the end of February 2016.

The Company also announces that it has agreed, in principle, to replace the $3,308,600 of Notes payable to R. James Macaleer, the former Chairman of the Company, and the $3,300,000 of Notes payable to the RJM Amphion Trust, a trust set up for the benefit of Mr. Macaleer’s children, with the issue of promissory notes that will now mature on 31 December 2016 from 31 December 2015 (“New Notes”). The rate of interest on the New Notes will remain unchanged at 7%.  The New Notes also contain certain provisions for early repayment. In no case will any payment be made on the New Notes until the amounts outstanding under the Company’s existing loan facility (as initially announced on 5 June 2014, the “Facility”) are fully repaid.  The final payment under the Facility is currently scheduled for 1 November 2016.

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About Amphion Innovations plc
Amphion Innovations is a developer of medical, life science and technology businesses.

We use our extensive experience in company building to invest and build shareholder value in high growth companies in the US and UK. Amphion has significant shareholding in 7 Partner Companies developing proven technologies targeting substantial commercial marketplaces. The Amphion model has been refined to optimise the commercialisation of patents and other intellectual property within the Partner Companies. The Partner Companies collectively own or control over 200 separately identified pieces of intellectual property, a number which grows rapidly each year.