FireStar Introduces Software for Multi-Enterprise Business Transactions

Boxborough, MA, December 5, 2005 – FireStar Software, Inc., a leading provider of innovative software products, announced today the release of EdgeNode™, a software product designed to simplify the integration of back-office transactions between enterprises.

“Our work with SWIFT, the banking industry owned co-operative, enabled us to understand the issues facing the state of cross-enterprise transactions today—specifically, the high cost associated with integrating new clients, the difficulty of adding new services and the complexities of managing change within disparate client environments. We leveraged this experience and our existing, patented ObjectSpark™ technology to develop and deliver a new product, EdgeNode,” explained Ken Lord, CEO, FireStar Software, Inc.

“With EdgeNode, we have taken a 360o view of the problem of developing and supporting a cross-enterprise transaction environment, and created an agile, but robust product, that provides immediate value to Service Providers and value-added networks in the Banking and Financial Services marketplace.”

EdgeNode is a light-footprint, JAVA based distributed messaging software appliance. With EdgeNode an organization solves the problem of connecting, integrating and maintaining many customers with varying requirements, platforms and application environments without resorting to “brute force” coding or complex EAI implementations. Instead EdgeNode provides lightweight technology to forge the connection without requiring changes by either the enterprise or its customers making the process cost-effective and easier to implement.

EdgeNode provides a fully secure, auditable environment that supports encryption, digital signing, archiving and full non-repudiation. It integrates and extends existing business networks, transport and legacy applications and easily facilitates the addition of new services. For example a bank could easily augment its current connectivity solution with new services such as money laundering screening or business monitoring applications. EdgeNode’s unique injection technology also automates the process of seamless upgrades, isolating and insulating change thus reducing maintenance cost and effort among a disparate group of participating enterprises.

“EdgeNode is a software product that can provide immediate value for all enterprises involved in cross-enterprise business transactions”, continued Mr. Lord.

“If you need your applications to interoperate with the applications of many other institutions, then EdgeNode can save substantial time and money in terms of adding new members and operating and maintaining the network. In addition, our business model and innovative EdgeNode capabilities opens new opportunities to our customers to provide automated services that previously took too much capital and resources to design, develop, and operate.”

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About FireStar Software, Inc.
FireStar is the provider of EdgeNode, the leading InterEnterprise Service Bus software product for building software applications that automate the exchange of business transactions between companies that are business partners – buyers, sellers, suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, and distributors. FireStar’s EdgeNode expands the market for these InterEnterprise Transaction Applications by directly addressing key obstacles to broader adoption at a significantly lower price point than alternative approaches.

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