Myconostica Attains CE Mark for MycAssay™ Aspergillus

Myconostica Ltd, a UK-based medical diagnostic company which specialises in rapid molecular diagnostic tests for life-threatening fungal infections, today announces the launch of a new test to assist medical and scientific professionals to identify one of the most common causes of fungal pneumonia. The assay, MycAssayTM Aspergillus, is a real-time PCR test which accurately and rapidly identifies infections caused by Aspergillus.

MycAssayTM Aspergillus is a sensitive and specific assay designed to aid healthcare professionals involved in the diagnosis of Aspergillus infections. Pneumonia caused by Aspergillus is the leading cause of infectious death in leukaemia and bone marrow patients with an estimated 10 million people at risk globally each year. Studies have shown that diagnosis of Aspergillus infection followed by antifungal treatment within the first 10 days of infection reduces mortality from 90% to 40% thus highlighting the necessity of rapid diagnostic testing.

Traditional methods used to identify Aspergillus infections are well-documented as being inaccurate, insensitive and slow, with a result taking up to 10 days.  When MycAssayTM Aspergillus is combined with Myconostica’s fungal DNA extraction system, MycXtra®, a result can be obtained within 3 hours therefore providing a rapid, sensitive and specific alternative to the conventional techniques used to identify Aspergillus infections.

MycAssayTM Aspergillus is the latest in a pipeline of products from Myconostica designed to assist in the diagnosis of fungal disease. MycAssayTM Pneumocystis, for the detection of infections caused by Pneumocystis jirovecii was launched earlier this year and further tests in the MycAssayTM series will also target critical fungal infections, such as Candida.

Commenting on the launch of MycAssayTM Aspergillus, Dr. John Thornback, Chief Operating Officer of Myconostica said:

 “Early diagnosis of invasive fungal infection significantly improves the chances of survival. This new test from Myconostica will allow healthcare professionals to rapidly identify samples containing Aspergillus DNA from those patients infected by Aspergillus, aiding clinicians to prescribe appropriate drugs to treat the infection. Early identification of disease has been shown to reduce the patient’s exposure to inappropriate drug treatments, improves patient outcomes and reduces the hospitalisation and treatment costs associated with invasive fungal disease’.

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About Myconostica Ltd

Myconostica Ltd, a UK-based medical diagnostic company specialises in rapid molecular diagnostic tests for life-threatening fungal infections. Traditional methods of the detection of fungal infections are well documented as being relatively insensitive and slow. Tests provided by Myconostica aim to allow healthcare professionals to rapidly identify patients infected thus enabling clinicians to prescribe appropriate drug therapy.

Myconostica is developing and commercialising a portfolio of real-time molecular diagnostic tests for life-threatening fungal infections. Over 10 million people are at risk of these infections each year in Europe and North America alone.