Amphion Innovations plc Partner Company, Kromek, Confirms the Near Completion of Scanning Systems to Enhance Airport Security Procedures

London and New York, 17 September 2008 - Amphion Innovations plc (LSE: AMP) (“Amphion” or the “Company”), the developer of companies in the medical and technology sectors, today announces that its Partner Company, Kromek, the developer of digital colour imaging for use in x-rays and scanners, has confirmed it will be launching two products for use in airports in the coming months.

Upcoming products include:

Kromek is also pioneering the development of 3D, colour x-ray imaging using its unique capability in semiconductors and imaging systems which will significantly enhance the existing baggage screening application. These new baggage screening systems will have the ability to produce 3D images of a bag, giving operators a much better visualization of objects inside and will automatically identify any threat material using new generation detectors and advanced algorithms unique to Kromek.

Kromek is currently carrying out the development of its baggage imaging systems in conjunction with the UK Home office and is in talks with a number of parties for licensing this technology.

Richard Morgan, Amphion Chief Executive Officer, said “We are pleased to be able to announce the launch of Kromek’s first two commercially available products, which is an exciting milestone not only for the company but also for airport security systems worldwide.”

Dr Arnab Basu, Chief Executive Officer of Kromek said: ‘Kromek is proud to be working alongside bodies such as the UK Home office in the development of scanners for the detection of prohibited liquids. These systems are aimed at enhancing the high levels of security already existing at UK airports, while at the same time greatly adding to passenger convenience and reducing time spent in transit.’

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About Amphion Innovations plc
Amphion (LSE: AMP) builds shareholder value in high growth companies in the medical and technology sectors, by using a focused, hands-on company building approach, based on decades of experience in both the US and UK.   Amphion has significant shareholding in 10 Partner Companies developing proven technologies targeting substantial commercial marketplaces, each in excess of $1 billion. Each Partner Company is chosen with the goal of achieving an exit valuation in excess of $100 million.

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About Kromek

Kromek is a venture backed high technology company, which was spun-out in April 2003 as Durham Scientific Crystals, from the Physics Department of the University of Durham. Rebranded as Kromek in May 2008, its pioneering digital colour imaging for x-rays has brought ground-breaking innovation to materials technology and advanced 3D imaging that will literally change the way in which we see the world.

The Company specialises in making semiconductor materials within the Cadmium Telluride family. These materials have significant applications as detectors of x-rays and gamma rays, notably in medical imaging, security screening, industrial inspection and space exploration, allowing for very precise identification of materials. Cadmium Zinc Telluride is also the material of choice as a substrate for the fabrication of infrared detectors in both civilian and military markets. In addition to its range of semiconductor materials, detector packages and non imaging detection systems Kromek also supplies x-ray imaging packages with multi view capabilities. These x-ray display platforms provide real 3D x-ray imaging for the first time without specialist viewing equipment.

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