WellGen, Inc. and Rutgers University Combine Resources to Expand Research Capabilities, Demonstrating Their Leadership in the Nutrigenomics Field

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ, June 15 - WellGen, Inc., a biotechnology company using nutrigenomics to develop proprietary wellness products, announced today that it has renewed and expanded both its research contract and licensing agreement with Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. The license agreement was expanded to include several new bioactive compounds and novel technologies including numerous pending patent applications in the area of nutrigenomics, such as anti-inflammatory compounds and an innovative technology for in vitro validation of anti-inflammatory compounds.

WellGen’s products include an anti-arthritis compound and an anti-colon cancer compound, which will complete human clinical trials this year. WellGen has also developed preclinical compounds in the areas of anti-obesity, exercise recovery and exercise performance.

“The expansion of our relationship with Rutgers University enhances our ongoing collaboration in nutrigenomics which will pave the way for exciting new discoveries, while greatly expanding the WellGen product pipeline,” said David A. Evans, geneticist and chief executive officer of WellGen.

“We worked hard to develop a relationship with Rutgers that inspires true innovation. The decision of Rutgers to extend and expand our agreements directly reflects our progress as an independent company.”

The WellGen discovery platform is based on nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics focuses on the role of nutrients and dietary ingredients on gene expression in the human body. Some chemicals found in commonly consumed foods are dietary signals that influence gene and protein expression and, subsequently, metabolite production. Nutrigenomics seeks to examine and exploit the way nutrition influences human disease. It is possible to identify foods and food ingredients that alter expression of genes associated with onset or proliferation of various diseases and conditions. WellGen believes that alteration of expression of disease-causing genes will aid in the prevention or treatment of human diseases.

WellGen’s core intellectual property, licensed from Rutgers, was developed by the nationally recognized Rutgers Food Science department in conjunction with the Rutgers Chemistry department, School of Pharmacy, and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. The patented gene screening technology was the foundation upon which WellGen was started. Along with the screening technology, WellGen gained exclusive access to bioactive compounds found to positively regulate expression of specific genes associated with disease. WellGen intends to continue funding research at Rutgers University for the ongoing discovery and pre-clinical validation of new bioactive compounds and technologies and to complete extensive safety and efficacy tests on their products, culminating in human clinical trials.

“We are excited about the progress at WellGen. We hope that our joint programs in nutrigenomics will result in several new technologies and products that will help treat or prevent important human diseases,” said Dr. Michael Breton, Rutgers’ associate vice president for research and sponsored programs.

Rutgers has a small equity stake in WellGen.

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