WellGen, Inc. Launches Te Amé™ Nutritional Supplements with Proven Health Benefits of Proprietary Black Tea Extract

Natural Compound Enhances Exercise Recovery and Stress Management, Supports Natural Immune Function and Joint Health

North Brunswick, N.J., May 13, 2009 – Amphion Innovations plc (LSE: AMP) Partner Company, WellGen, Inc., a life science company at the crossroads of food and pharmaceuticals, today announced the launch of its first consumer products, a line of nutritional supplements under the brand name Te Amé. The Te Amé™ line will initially be available in four different formulations, reflecting WellGen’s research into a range of health and wellness benefits in the areas of exercise recovery, immunity, joint health and stress management.

Te Amé contains WellGen’s proprietary natural compound, a unique black tea extract enriched for theaflavins. These natural compounds have demonstrated health benefits and are presented in significantly greater concentrations than available from brewed tea.

“This exciting product range is our first consumer offering and comes from years of research in top caliber laboratories,” says Patricia Lucas-Schnarre, who is principally responsible for the commercialization of this healthcare advance. “For some time we’ve believed in the benefits of black tea. We now have a unique extract that scientifically captures these benefits. The best thing about Te Amé is that I can get these benefits without overloading my body with caffeine. As much as I love tea, I cannot drink over 20 cups a day.”

WellGen’s scientific program is based on a specialized knowledge of nutrigenomics, and studies the impact of proprietary natural compounds at the gene level. WellGen evaluates the effectiveness of its natural compounds in clinical studies to determine their impact on health and wellness. The studies on WellGen’s proprietary black tea extract were conducted in WellGen’s laboratories at the Commercialization Center for Innovative Technologies in North Brunswick, New Jersey, in the Human Performance Laboratory at Rutgers University, and at university and private research centers across the country.

Dr. Nancy Rawson, Chief Scientific Officer of WellGen, said, “Our research programs are teaching us a great deal about how foods influence health at the very basic level of our genes. With that expertise, WellGen’s talented and dedicated scientists have worked hard to discover the fundamental health benefits that can be derived from compounds occurring naturally in black tea. Although you can get black tea anywhere, this proprietary ingredient has been demonstrated to be effective in clinical studies."

“As scientists, seeing these discoveries translated into Te Amé products with real health benefits is incredibly rewarding and exciting,” she said.

Te Amé™ products will be sold online at Te-Ame.com. The web site provides additional product description and more information about Te Amé. It also invites consumers to be part of the Te Amé community by posting their own comments, reading blogs about Te Amé written by the company’s scientific and product development professionals, and through other social networking features.

Te Amé is the only brand of nutritional supplements that provides such a range of health and wellness benefits from black tea extract. Equally important, the raw materials in every batch are rigorously tested to meet stringent criteria for both chemical and bioactivity standards. The brand Te Amé™ is targeted to adults, and especially to women, who face many different wellness challenges. Te Amé™ Joint Care contains WellGen® theaflavin-enriched black tea extract which works in less than a week and also contains glucosamine. Clinical tests demonstrated that Te Amé™ Active Body soothes muscles after exercise. Te Amé™ Immune Defense supports the body’s natural immunity. Te Amé™ Stress Manager is scientifically formulated to improve the body’s response to stress.

To purchase Te Amé™ products online or to engage in the Te Amé™ conversations, please go to www.te-ame.com.

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WellGen, Inc., based in North Brunswick, N.J., is a life science company at the crossroads of foods and pharmaceuticals. Using the science of nutrigenomics, the company has developed Alignomx™, a proprietary bioinformatics model that uses gene expression data to determine optimal therapeutic niches for WellGen’s pipeline of proprietary natural products. Through its in-house expertise in nutrigenomics and natural product chemistry, WellGen is developing proprietary medical foods and has additionally identified several opportunities in the functional food and beverage and dietary supplement markets.

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