Axcess International’s Micro-Wireless RFID System Implemented by U.S. Military for Ordnance Security

First Automated Inventory and Protection Capability for Armament Tagging

DALLAS, TX, May 13, 2008 – Axcess International, Inc. (OTCBB: AXSI), a leading provider of wireless business activity monitoring solutions, today announced the implementation of its Micro-Wireless Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system by the U.S. military to enable automatic inventory accounting and perimeter security for ordnance assets. Micro-Wireless technology allows for ultra-small, low cost wireless identification transmitters to be assigned to each asset, enabling automatic tracking, local area location determining and automatic security monitoring. Axcess will demonstrate its Dot™ technology solutions at American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Safety 2008, a leading industry event in presenting the latest technology to top safety professionals, from June 9 to 11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in booth # 380.

The military initially selected Axcess’ Micro-Wireless system for a pilot program because of its proven domain expertise in automatically identifying, tracking and protecting assets. During the thorough laboratory testing that began early last year, the military integrated the Axcess system into its core software system. The total system is now being implemented in the arms storage facility. Various forms of wireless tags are placed on the different types of armament. The items’ electronic identifications are enrolled in the software to provide an automatic, real time inventory of each armament and its location based on its transmitted signal. Any unauthorized movement of an armament outside the storage area, automatically triggers an alert. The handling of armaments can be linked to authorized service personnel electronically via an RFID personnel badge so the authorized movement does not trigger an alert. Sensor based tags can also be deployed to report on environmental conditions to which the ordnance is exposed, such as temperature, humidity and shock.

“Our technology is ideally suited to this type of asset tracking, particularly in high security areas,” stated Allan Griebenow, Axcess International’s CEO and President. "We provide the flexibility of having multiple types of tags, all designed for the robust long range communications needed in critical asset tracking. Our system is designed to go beyond simple automatic inventory to also provide automatic asset protection. The wireless-based ‘virtual perimeters’ we establish monitor the assets automatically and provide a broad, exception-based security blanket for the military's critical assets." 

Micro-Wireless technology was born out of the need to have ultra-small, low cost reliable long range transmission capability for assets, personnel and vehicles to provide an automatic, exception-based, labor-free way for location determination, inventory accounting, security protection and condition status monitoring. The ability to optimize small form factor tags with all the necessary technical elements, including a reliable signal, the message information and enough signal power has given birth to the wireless technology area called Micro-Wireless.

Micro-Wireless solutions now encompass numerous applications, including automatic asset management, personnel and vehicle automatic access control, advanced workforce management and emergency evacuation accounting and wireless-based condition sensing. Other wireless technologies such as cell phones, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not well suited to these solutions because of their cost, size and power consumption. Micro-Wireless transmissions occur in the 315-433 MHz UHF frequency band, are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and do not require separate licensing.

Axcess’ unique Micro-Wireless implementation is based on a “dual-active” architectural design, where the wireless tags lie dormant until activated by a pre-programmed condition or by movement through a wireless activation field at a doorway or other control point. Alternatively, the tags can beacon at regular intervals for easy accounting. Axcess’ battery-powered (also called “active”) Dot tags include bar codes and short range Electronic Product Code (EPC) RFID capability along with long range transmission capability of up to 1000 feet.

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About Dot Platform
Dot, the world’s smallest, most powerful, lowest cost battery-powered wireless computer, is based on a revolutionary system-on-a-chip (SOC) technology design. Axcess’ invention combines a processor, memory and wireless communications into one chip about the size of a grain of rice. It is as powerful as the first personal digital assistants (PDAs). It runs for years on a watch battery, stores at least three pages of information in memory and communicates to the world at high speed, all at a low cost. Within this single, low cost chip, Dot combines the beneficial elements of today’s monolithic technologies such as RFID, RTLS and wireless sensing. Dot technology incorporates a battery powered, software definable wireless receiver that is compatible with multiple global regulations, including the Electronic Product Code (EPC) Class I and Gen II (passive RFID) standard.

Dot, the only FCC approved hybrid micro-wireless solution, is a single wireless source common to multiple industry standards and supporting virtually all industries including the military, manufacturing, enterprise, oil and gas, utilities, education and government.

Axcess offers a developer’s kit royalty free to licensed registered developers. Opening the architecture is expected to add to the already broad use of the Dot technology.

Axcess recently announced the industry’s first Smart Wireless Sticker. Photos of Dot and the Smart Wireless Sticker are available for the media.

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Axcess International Inc. (OTCBB: AXSI) delivers wireless intelligence through real-time business activity monitoring solutions that improve productivity, security, safety and revenue growth. The systems derive wireless intelligence from automatic advanced workforce management, workflow management, asset monitoring and distributed sensing. Its revolutionary and patented Dot micro-wireless technology platform combines RFID, RTLS and wireless sensing for better decision-making and control throughout the enterprise. Axcess is a portfolio company of Amphion Innovations plc (AIM: AMP).

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