Athletes Improve Recovery with WellGen, Inc. Proprietary Nutraceutical 

A report in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition reveals that WellGen’s theaflavin-enriched black tea extract affects muscle soreness, oxidative stress, and inflammation 

North Brunswick, NJ - March 2, 2010 – (Business Wire) A study published this week has demonstrated improved rates of recovery, reduction in oxidative stress, and reduced muscle soreness following high intensity, anaerobic exercise in athletes consuming a proprietary theaflavin-enriched black tea extract developed by Amphion Partner Company, WellGen, Inc. These effects are important to individuals and athletes alike because they may facilitate increased frequency of exercise and subsequently enhance long-term health and performance.  

The results of the study, published this week in the peer-reviewed Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition are available online Dr. Shawn M. Arent, of Rutgers University Human Performance Laboratory conceived, designed and conducted the study. “In the intensely competitive environment of contemporary sport and exercise where fractions of a second determine a winning performance, the ability to increase training frequency and quality is crucial,” stated Arent about the relevance of the study results.  

WellGen’s scientific program discovers and develops natural products with anti-inflammatory benefits. “This study is important for two reasons,” remarked Roddy Carter, M.D., WellGen’s president and chief executive officer. “This is good news for athletes and people who exercise for health, because while inflammation is needed to clear the debris from muscles to facilitate muscle regeneration, prolonged inflammation can hinder good health and recovery. More important, is that inflammation continues to be at the root of a large number of major diseases, such as diabetes, which still challenge medical professionals despite the broad availability of pharmaceutical interventions. This study provides exciting data about the impact that WellGen’s proprietary black tea extract has on important biomarkers related to both exercise and health.” Dr. Carter previously founded the Centre for the Study of Exercise, Nutrition and Muscle Science at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, which specialized in the preparation of elite athletes for international competition.  

In this study, the proprietary WellGen extract demonstrated both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits. Inflammation and oxidation are important factors in the pathology of diabetes, and WellGen also plans to study the impact of the proprietary black tea extract on important clinical measures in people with diabetes. WellGen plans to commercialize a medical food product for the treatment of diabetes.  

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WellGen, Inc., based in North Brunswick, N.J., is a biotechnology company at the crossroads of foods and pharmaceuticals. Using the science of nutrigenomics, the company has developed Alignomx™, a proprietary bioinformatics model that uses gene expression data to determine optimal therapeutic areas for WellGen’s pipeline of proprietary natural products. Through its in-house expertise in nutrigenomics and natural product chemistry, WellGen is developing proprietary medical foods and has additionally identified several opportunities in the functional food and beverage and dietary supplement markets. WellGen is a portfolio company of Amphion Innovations (LSE: AMP). For more information about WellGen, Inc., please see

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