New Partnership to Study the Genetic Causes
of Diabetes, Obesity, and Other Diseases Announced

Motif BioSciences Inc and Imperial College London to Share Genetic Samples and Data under Research Collaboration

3 March 2008 - Motif BioSciences Inc., a specialized genetics company and an Amphion Innovations (LSE: AMP) Partner Company, announced today a new partnership with Imperial College London to study the genetic causes of important diseases including diabetes, obesity, and other metabolic and cardiovascular disorders. Under the new Research Partnership Agreement, signed today, Motif will partner with Professor Philippe Froguel of Imperial College, a pioneer in the genetics of metabolic disease, and will, with appropriate permission, gain immediate access to genetic samples and clinical data collected by Professor Froguel and his colleagues in Morocco.

Motif’s discovery process is based on the validated scientific premise that the application of proprietary genomic data analysis tools and high density micro-array technology to the unique genetic characteristics of certain isolated populations will lead to the discovery of GeneMotifs ™, those patterns of variants within the genome that cause predisposition to many major medical conditions. Using these GeneMotifs™, Motif expects to be able to identify and patent novel, “druggable” targets for pharmaceutical companies, and molecular biomarkers for diagnostics companies.

Zaki Hosny, Motif Chief Executive Officer said, “We are delighted to have been selected to partner with Imperial College, one of the world’s pre-eminent scientific institutions. By combining Motif’s expertise and proprietary approach to population genetics with Professor Froguel’s experience in the field, we are confident that our collaboration will yield important discoveries into the genetic causes of these common and growing diseases. This is Motif’s first major project in this field and we are excited to be working with such a highly respected, ground-breaking team.”

Diabetes is a worldwide pandemic, causing about 5% of all deaths globally each year, and is projected to increase by more than 50% in the next 10 years. The total cost of diabetes in the USA alone in 2007 was estimated at $174 billion.

Professor Philippe Froguel, Head of Genomic Medicine at Imperial College, said, “I am excited to be working with the Motif team. They are employing a unique range of techniques and I believe this collaboration is likely to accelerate the process of translating basic scientific discoveries into products that can alleviate human suffering.”

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About Motif BioSciences Inc.
Motif is a specialized genetics company that is capitalizing rapidly on the revolution in genetics to identify the genetic causes of major diseases. By applying a proprietary research approach and state of the art technology to unique sources of human genetic data from populations throughout the world, Motif’s mission is to make patentable discoveries of major scientific and commercial importance. Motif is a Partner Company of Amphion Innovations (LSE: AMP).

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