Amphion Partner Company, Axcess International Debuts New Local Area Wireless Business Credential Product

Dot Wireless Credential™ Extends Existing Access Control to Internal Enterprise Applications

DALLAS, TX, February 24, 2009 – Amphion Partner Company, Axcess International Inc. (OTCBB:AXSI), a leader in local area wireless real-time business activity monitoring and control solutions, has announced Dot Wireless Credential™, a local area wireless business credential product that gives businesses the option to augment existing access control and ID systems to provide dramatic, new added-value solutions inside the enterprise in a single ID card. As a first of its kind, this card combines short range manual ID and facility wide auto ID. Previous generations have been successful in enhancing security, safety and productivity across multiple industry segments gobally. The product will be demonstrated at the International Security Conference (ISC – West) at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas from March 24 to 26.  In addition to demonstrations in Axcess’ booth (number 20145) in the Access Control section, it will be shown in the booths of HID Global (number 12051) and ADT (number 24051).

Dot is based on Axcess’ patented MicroWireless™ technology, which is built around RFID principles specifically designed for robust, low cost energy-efficient wireless messaging and optimized for automatic identification, sensing and control solutions.  It eclipses architectures such as Wi-Fi and battery-assisted passive RFID where size, cost, signal robustness and power management are problematic. 

The new product uniquely addresses both very short range and long range uses by incorporating existing manual access control codes based on a license agreement with HID Global to use HID proximity technology in Axcess’ Dot Wireless Credential product. Axcess’ Dot Wireless Credential encompasses local location identification, sensing and control capabilities. HID proximity technology is recognized as the industry standard for low frequency physical access control. By combining HID Global’s strength in secure credentialing with Axcess’ solutions, a single secure credential can be used to solve additional business problems cost-effectively and conveniently throughout an enterprise. Axcess is authorized to use HID technology and applicable patents in its Wireless Credentials under the Genuine HID Technology™ program.  

“Dot Wireless Credential is the access control badge of the future delivered today in an all around business credential,” commented Allan Griebenow, President & CEO of Axcess International. “We are introducing a local area wireless platform in card form with the capacity to add features tailored to specific uses and to keep things simple for the user by combining functions into a single card. Automated visibility into enterprise labor and assets has proven its value, and the options now are endless.” 

Axcess’  Dot Wireless Credential product enables existing HID 26-bit proximity technology and Corporate 1000™ access control systems to be expanded easily into advanced workforce management solutions for improving security, safety, compliance reporting and efficiency. Wireless Credentials provide businesses real time visibility into the location and status of their labor and assets inside their operation. Wireless Credentials also enable numerous applications that have proven to provide near immediate returns for customers across multiple industry segments. Axcess’ Dot Wireless Credentials were used to help protect President Obama during last year’s visit to Trinidad for the 5th Summit of the Americas Conference. The many applications proven in worldwide use include: 

The license agreement between HID Global and Axcess International was established under the Advantage HID Connect™ Partner program, which offers a variety of marketing opportunities to help partners leverage the HID Global brand and installed base. Through this worldwide network of HID Global partners, end-users can easily find third-party solutions that solve business needs through the innovative use of HID technology. The Genuine HID Technology™ trademark provides customers with the means to quickly identify third-party products that are manufactured using authentic HID Global technology.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with Axcess International,” said Debra Spitler, HID Global's vice president of HID Connect.  “The Axcess Dot Wireless Credential allows users of HID proximity technology to continue to experience the convenience and security of HID proximity technology for physical access while expanding the use of the same credential for other applications.” 

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