AXCESS Inc. Announces Partnership Agreement with
Emergent Technology for Supply Chain Solutions

“Hands-free” Tracking Increases Return on Investment
and Safety at Quarry Yard

Dallas, TX. February 19, 2004 – AXCESS International Inc. (AXCESS - OTCBB:AXSI), an RFID and digital video solutions provider of physical security and asset management today announced that Emergent Technology will integrate AXCESS’ ActiveTag? RFID technology in its YardTrack™ Software as a custom application for monitoring truck movement and record transactions within a quarry yard.

The ActiveTag RFID solution provides a battery-powered (or “active”) wireless tag affixed to each truck, enabling the vehicle to be identified and tracked throughout the quarry as part of Emergent Technology’s supply chain management system. Each ActiveTag? transmits a signal to palm-sized receivers located at “control points” at the entrance and exit of the yard and at the inbound and outbound weight scales, at each point relaying work order information electronically to the driver and the quarry. The system records load time and weight, and then uploads the transaction information into Emergent Technology’s YardTrack™ Software.

“The ActiveTag? technology significantly increases the amount of return for each vehicle,” stated Jim Mohan, CEO of Emergent Technology.

“Using an automated approach to identify the truck and relay pertinent information to the driver and the quarry saves valuable time. Moreover, productivity is increased with more frequent loads, while driver safety is improved.”

“We designed our products to make it easy for the customer to reap the benefits of RFID technology without the long and costly integration process.” commented Ben Donohue, Vice President of Business Development for AXCESS Inc.

“The open interface and TCP/IP Network capabilities of our ActiveTag? product line are ideal features that made for an easy RFID integration into Emergent Technology’s YardTrack™ System. Hands-free RFID automation provides the quarry operator with a real-time view of performance and productivity.”

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About AXCESS Inc.
AXCESS Inc. (OTCBB:AXSI), headquartered in greater Dallas, Texas, provides intelligent electronic security surveillance systems that locate, identify, track, monitor, count, and protect people, assets, and vehicles. The network-based systems reduce loss, liability, and security system costs, while boosting effectiveness and extending system coverage. AXCESS utilizes two patented and integrated technologies: battery-powered wireless tagging (commonly referred to as Active-Radio Frequency Identification or RFID) and network-based, streaming digital video (or CCTV). A particular focus is on automatic incident detection, recording, and notification. The main applications are network-based security video recording and surveillance, automatic personnel and vehicle access control, and automatic electronic asset surveillance, management and protection. AXCESS is a VennWorks LLC partner company.

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About Emergent Technology
Emergent Technology, located in Springfield, MO, develops custom software applications for manufacturing, supply chain, and service-oriented companies. Emergent is focused on increasing ROI by leveraging the most current technologies to increase throughput. With the recent surge of RFID technology in the market, the company has been planning for and developing software applications that will take advantage of the benefits this revolutionary technology has to offer its customers. Visit the company’s website at for more information about Emergent’s innovative products and services.

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Amphion Innovations plc is listed on the AIM Exchange in London under the symbol AMP. Amphion's business is the formation, financing, management and development of life sciences and technology companies, primarily in the US and UK, working in partnership with corporations, governments, universities and entrepreneurs seeking to commercialize their intellectual property. Amphion’s management team has built more than 30 companies in 20 years, all of which have achieved value in excess of $120 million.

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