Kromek, Ltd.

KromekKromek is pioneering digital colour imaging for x-rays and has brought groundbreaking innovation to materials technology and advanced 3D imaging. Kromek’s market opportunities are in security screening, industrial inspection, medical imaging, and defense.

The prime focus over 2009 was to exploit the liquid identification market for aviation security. The opportunity for Kromek’s existing products in this sector is well over US $200 million. The estimated addressable market for the aviation security sector is believed to be over US $500 million annually for Kromek’s technology. Kromek brings a unique capability to detect and identify liquids in sealed containers (any shape, colour, and container material). Kromek’s technology maps out well with the requirements defined by various regulators around the world – starting with the ability to scan single containers and extending to identifying liquids in hand baggage. This will help the regulators to remove the current ban on passengers carrying liquids on board aircraft.

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Dr. Arnab Basu - Chief Executive Officer
Derek Bulmer - Chief Financial Officer
Derek Collins - Operations Director
Nigel Day - Commercial Director
Ian Radley - Chief Technical Officer
Scott Snyder - VP Operations, NOVA Inc.
Rick Smith - VP General Manager, eV Products Inc.

Board of Directors

Sir Peter Williams - Chairman
Dr. Arnab Basu - Chief Executive Officer, Kromek
Derek Bulmer - Chief Executive Officer, Kromek
Dr. Graeme Speirs - Owner, Polymer Holdings Group
Peter Bains - Chairman, Fermenta Biotech Ltd., Director, Sosei and Syngene
Lawrence Kinet - Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, LMA International NV
Jerel Whittingham - Former Director, Amphion Innovations



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