FireStar Software , Inc.

FireStar SoftwareFireStar Software, Inc. is a software product company focused on allowing different organisations to automatically exchange electronic information with each other in a secure, private, indisputable, and guaranteed delivery. The EdgeNodeTM platform on which FireStar’s new product is based is a novel architecture that is protected by six patents.  FireStar has spent the last several years developing this product which is aimed at the sponsors of outsourced clinical trials.  The product, called Clinicon©, uses EdgeNode's patented messaging capability to allow sponsors to monitor the huge amount of diverse data flows generated in clinical trials and facilitate early and decisive intervention if key performance indicators (such as enrollment or dosing) are drifting off track.  At present, the sponsor is very much at the mercy of the Contract Research Organisation’s (“CRO’s”) ability to collect and analyse the data from many different sources in many different locations and is usually only aware there may be a problem after a considerable delay, if at all while the trial is ongoing.  Clinicon automates all those activities and puts the control back into the sponsor’s hands, with little imposition on the CRO’s existing data processing systems.  



Chris Sanders - Chief Executive Officer

Board of Directors

Richard C.E. Morgan - (Chairman) Chief Executive Officer, Amphion Innovations
Robert Anthonyson - Partner, Layne & Barton LLC
Kenneth Lord - Chief Executive Officer, FireStar Software, Inc.
Raymond McKenzie - Partner, Geninvest



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