AXCESS International, Inc.

AxcessAxcess International, Inc. (OTCBB: AXSI) provides Micro-WirelessTM system solutions for real-time business activity monitoring and control. The company’s primary focus is in the Physical Security Market for enterprise access control, enabling the world’s dominant access control systems to be upgraded to Axcess’ local area wireless capabilities. Dot Wireless CredentialsTM take access control cards beyond the front door to be used inside the enterprise for advanced applications including; internal physical security, emergency evacuation, secure visitor tracking, asset security, and automated time and attendance. This market is estimated at US $9 billion worldwide.

Its patented Micro-Wireless technology combines RFID, RTLS, and wireless sensing. It is uniquely positioned in the technological and economic “sweet spot” where autonomous wireless identification and data transfer are enabled in very small, low cost, battery-powered devices to provide the most feature rich and cost effective wireless solutions for local area automated tracking.

The next horizon of wireless evolution is where all things become wireless, communicating for efficiencies, security, convenience, and entertainment. This previously unavailable automated visibility into “all things” will generate pervasive real-time operational business intelligence and provide significant productivity improvements. Analysts describe this market as the “Internet of Things” and it is forecast to be worth in excess of US $5 billion in 2010.



Allan Griebenow - President and Chief Executive Officer

Board of Directors

Richard C.E. Morgan - (Chairman) Chief Executive Officer, Amphion Innovations
Robert J. Bertoldi - President and Chief Financial Officer, Amphion Innovations
Paul J. Coleman, Jr. - President and Chief Executive Officer, The Girvan Institute of Technology
Allan Griebenow - President and Chief Executive Officer, Axcess International, Inc.
Robert F. Hussey - Director, Digital Lightwave, Inc.



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